We are Komaki Brewing. We owe our long-lived business to the support we receive from liquor merchants across Japan, the many restaurants, bars who stock our shochu, and of course, our drinking customers.

Over the long years, one thing remaining constant has been the bonds that exist between people. We owe our position today to our history. Of course, we give thanks to our ingredients of sweet potato, rice, water, and our starter and yeasts, but we also appreciate the people who have been involved with Komaki Brewing. This appreciation is like a spirit that carries our business forward.

This spirit, which we will always keep with us, is that brewing shochu is the same feeling as building strong bonds with people. While deeply appreciating everyone involved with Komaki Brewing, we will focus on making shochu so that everyone can enjoy delicious sweet potato shochu .

Kazunori Komaki

About us

Komaki Brewing is located in Satsuma Town (in the area that was Miyanojo Town) in the northern district of Kagoshima Prefecture. Right next to the distillery flows the Kawauchi river, a major river for catching ayu (sweetfish), eel, and Yamataro crab.

To the north of the distillery stands the sacred Shibi mountains, from which we source the water for brewing our shochu.

Although the distillery is located among the most scenic of country side, it has also been damaged by flooding on three occasions. But each time, thanks to everyone's support, we have recovered.

Having enjoyed peoples' support since our founding in 1909, we continue to brew shochu today.

Company Outline

Name Komaki Brewing Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Kazunori Komaki
Address 12 Tokiyoshi Satsuma Town, Satsuma Gun, Kagoshima Prefecture, 895-1816
TEL +81996-53-0001
FAX +81996-53-0043
Founded 1909
Incorporated 1957